Friday, February 21, 2020

Analysis and discussion of the main crross cultural (star) Essay

Analysis and discussion of the main crross cultural (star) - Essay Example Tang and Ward suggests that management practices would help such organizations as Star supermarket to enjoy individual freedom, equal contribution, and division of labor. In addition, the staffing policy, communication aspects, and other host country’s concerns are crucial in ensuring the survival of the supermarket in this country. Mossler, (2004), asserted that the staffing policy is a managerial function implemented on recruiting and hiring of employees. It also involves in developing the required personnel for given vacancies in a company. Cultural Profile and Management Practices The culture and management practices of Shanghai where Star supermarket will be operating play a significant role in its entry and growth in operations. A cultural change initiative is crucial in the analysis. This approach would help the management of the Star supermarkets implement changes in all its levels of hierarchy. In addition, the adopted culture perspective is optimist because the manag ement’s plans are long-term with expected successful entry and survival in the market. The management of Star supermarket aims at succeeding in the new market, adapting to the diverse culture in Shanghai and eventually become profitable. ... The Chinese culture consists of several key concepts and values upheld by individuals in the country. The population values elaborate relationships and connections that promote trust and co-operation in everyday operations (WANG & GOODFELLOW 2003). The establishment of mutual respect and connection in business is crucial to its success. Furthermore, the concept of reputation and social status is fundamental to the success of a business. The business culture considers the aspect of appropriate allocation of respect to individuals as a means to create a reputation for a business (CHENG 2003). The Star supermarket management should consider gaining respect from the markets in China in order to attract respect and create loyalty among their customers. New entrants in the Chinese market are expected to understand the culture of the individuals in the diverse markets that revolve around relationships, responsibility, and obligations (DAHLES & WELS 2002). Workers and their Reception The wor kers in China are highly motivated and goal oriented. Consensus-oriented workers who make good teams in work places will welcome the management of Star supermarket. The country’s cultural emphasis is group oriented with all the personal interests sublimated to the good of the organizations they work. The workers also believe that standing out alone as a worker earns an individual negative publicity in a work place. Therefore, the workers keep low profile and work together to achieve collective objectives. Furthermore, the majority of the country’s employees tend to ask for detailed instructions regarding assigned tasks (WANG & GOODFELLOW 2003). Local

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