Sunday, January 19, 2020

Analysis of Fences by August Wilson Essay -- Fences Plays Slavery Raci

Troy Maxson is a man who thinks he is a failure but finds it hard to admit. Troy is a middle age black garbage man who feels held back by the â€Å"white man†. â€Å"Why you got the white men driving and colored lifting?† (p.9). the quotation mentioned is an example of how Troy feels he will never amount to anything because he is a black man in the â€Å"white man’s world†. Therefore, Troy limits his goals in life. Maintaining a job, having a roof over his head, and food on the table is Troy’s idea of success. This is his idea of success because he has accomplished this while having a hard life. Troy fences himself into his own little world where there is no room for anyone to question or judge him. Meanwhile Troy’s bitterness towards the â€Å"white man† creates callousness towards his son Cory....

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