Saturday, October 5, 2019

Lesson Planning in teaching English - skills and activities Essay

Lesson Planning in teaching English - skills and activities - Essay Example This essay analyzes that It is against this background that this discussion seeks to develop a detailed lesson plan for teaching English listening and speaking skills to ESL Adult learners, with a view to justifying the necessity of all aspects of the lesson planning on the achievement of English communication skills objective, for ESL adult learners. The rationale/justification for the application of the methods of teaching above is the combination of both the requirements of both the Natural and the Communicative approaches to teaching language, which offers that the application of more communicative and less grammatical and structural instructions, coupled with the application of real-life activities can help ESL learners to understand a language better (Brown, 2000:27). The football and grocery shopping are real-life activities through which the adult ESL can be able to learn English language application, through practicing speaking (Larsen-Freeman, 1986:56). On the other hand, t he listening of the song and the story being read out loud are activities that can enhance the listening skills of the adult ESL learners, while also enabling them to contextualize the wording and phrases from the listening section into the speaking contexts (Stevick, 1980:112). Thus, the application of the method sought to foster both the listening and speaking skills of the adult ESL learners in practical and real-life ways, which do not entail applying strict grammar rules and structural correction of the student errors.

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