Saturday, October 19, 2019

Leadership Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Leadership - Assignment Example Objectives of the change management programme were to, restructure the organisation, introduce a collaborative culture, and transform the organisation into an agile business. This section critically reviews the change management program, initiated by the management, through the human resources department (UKWON, 2008). Literature Review: Change management is often a traumatic experience, especially for old firms, since it can involve restructuring the organisation, bringing in process and technology changes, terminating or redeploying the older staffs that do not have the required skills for the new technologies. In many cases, the change begins at the organisation culture level as the firm tries to transform itself (Morgan, 1997). For these reasons, the initial resistance to change in many organisations is high, and the HR department needs to use finesse and tact in the change management process (Burnes, 2004). Different types of change management are developmental, transitional, transformational, planned, emergent, radical, incremental, episodic, and continuous. Developmental change seeks to correct existing processes, such as improving the skills or processes (Wilkins and Patterson, 1985). Transitional change is about seeking a different state, from the current state (Fernandez and Rainey, 2006 ). Transformational change tries to create an organisation that is significantly different from the existing state, and it can affect the culture, internal processes, strategy, and the organisational structure (Shaw, 1997). Each of these changes has their own methods and dynamics, and is implemented with different time spans, during which the organisation must change (UKWON, 2008). Leadership and change management process at BT: The forces of globalisation and the free market policy, which the UK government brought in, triggered the problem of change management at BT (Sperber, 1996). As a result, many new telecommunication

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