Monday, October 21, 2019

Hate Language in Rap Music essays

Hate Language in Rap Music essays Hate Language in Rap Music In a recent survey of Americans, 75% reported believing that exposure to violence in popular music, television shows, and movies, inspires young people to act aggressively (Lacayo, 1995; Smith et al., 2000). The consumption of media containing heterosexist and homophobic languages, by young adults and children, harbors aggression and sexual confusion. Jung and Smith (1993) define heterosexism as, a reasoned system of bias about human sexual orientation...rooted in a largely cognitive constellation of beliefs about human sexuality (Hecht, 1998, p. 113). The constant exposure to hateful lyrics found in some of todays most popular music desensitizes the young to violence against and mistreatment of gays and lesbians. It may also instill a fear in those young adults who may be confused about their own sexual orientation, causing extreme frustration and emotional pain. With the recent success of rapper Eminems sophomore release entitled, The Marshall Mathers LP, much attention had been drawn to this topic. There has been a tremendous backlash against Eminems music and the messages he delivers to the millions of listeners he has acquired. The most audible criticisms have been those of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation, or glaad. In a media release from glaad, the organization stated that: The hatred and hostility on (Eminems) CD have a real effect on peoples lives as they encourage violence against gay men and lesbians. At time when hate crimes against gay people are on the rise, these epithets create even more bias and intolerance toward an entire community. The real danger comes from the artists fan base of easily influenced adolescents who emulate Eminems dress, mannerisms, words and beliefs (, 2000b). Some of these words and beliefs include the following lyrics from the song Criminal&quo...

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