Thursday, October 17, 2019

Entrepreneur Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Entrepreneur - Assignment Example The quality and value of the products solely determine the ability of the companies to have resources for the next business run (Weerawardena & Mort, 2006). The companies have to operate in order to produce relevant products that can help the target audience in terms of fulfilling their needs and wants. Additionally, entrepreneurship cannot work effectively without remaining committed to the needs of the customers. The culture is the force that storms over every concern of the society. The collective cultures value needs of the many over those of the few so the companies have to entrepreneur in such a way that they can assist the general public regarding betterment of living standards, and the individualistic societies are using completely different approach than the abovementioned one (Spear, 2006). There is always room present for bringing innovations and inventions in the market because workforce over there is creative, and they have adequate level of technology at their disposal that they can apply as a means of accomplishing their ambitions (Akhter, 2007). Furthermore, the strategic management values the creativity of employees, and therefore, the entrepreneurial characteristics remain prominent in the organizational setup of the developed nations. The developing nations bring betterment at operational level, and often they import products from developed ones, and develop the model of franchising in order to earn their due share with each deal so the true entrepreneurship that involves innovation and invention is resident of developed nations of America and Europe (Ali, 2010). The literacy rates in developing parts of the world is not remarkable in nature, and because of this reason, professionals are not proficient with reference to their creative powers. The innovation is the defining attribute of entrepreneurships, but the human resources are the

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