Friday, September 27, 2019

The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship - Essay Example She developed the dynamic nurse-patient relationship model to provide nursing practitioners a model of efficient nursing practice. She investigated nursing patient care on medical-surgical settings, not individuals with psychiatric disorders in psychiatric facilities. She recognized three aspects of nursing practice: the uniqueness and creation of nursing knowledge, the professional role of nurses, and the relationship between nurse and patient. A nursing context comprises the patient’s behavior, the nurse’s response, and all that does not alleviate the patient’s suffering. Patient distress is associated with the failure of the person to satisfy or express his/her needs. The dynamic nurse-patient relationship is derived from the assumption that the relationship between the nurse and patient is mutual, which means that the behavior or decision of one influence the other. Orlando (1961) argues that the nursing role is different from the medical role and that the re sponse of nurses is based on the urgent needs, demands, and experience of the patient. Basically speaking, the theory claims that nursing is one-of-a-kind and autonomous because it focuses on the need of an individual for help or support, actual or probable, in an urgent condition. The manner by which nurses relieve this vulnerability is reciprocal and is performed in a closely controlled or profession way that requires education and expertise. Orlando (1961) argues that one’s behavior or response must be derived from reason, not set of rules.

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