Friday, September 6, 2019

The College Years Essay Example for Free

The College Years Essay College is a place where the students have a big experience. They can learn about specific subject, acquire knowledge and skills. Although, different students have difference reason to study in a college. College years have also coined personal moments. There are many friends however the relationships in the college might be much closer and warmer. Before we begin to study in college, our life often arranged by our parents and our study often arranged by our teachers, it is very different for us to live and study in college, because students studying in college have to arrange their life. The best time in a college often have comfortable and uncomfortable feeling to live with stranger, because we don’t know each other and perhaps our habits and personality are different. We have cooperate to solve a lot of problems, don’t care about economic problems or situations related with money. Gradually, we can improve our life, share groceries with classmates, books, and notes and sometimes study together when the subject required do it. Consequently the college years are the best moments in our personal life. We go to college to prepare and enjoy. In this part of our life has a very good feeling in our professional life, this part that we never forgot and always remember in our social talk. When recently left from the college all classmate contact to me by phone or by e-mail, after a few months the phones were more random and less frequent. But 5 years latter, every body has new nostalgic moments and organizes a party to share our experience and remember college’s moments. In general the college years are the best time. Never heard that somebody don’t wants to repeat the experience about the college years. We go to college because we like to learn. We go to college for personal fulfillment. We go to college because going to college is an interesting social experience.

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