Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Project Staff Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Project Staff - Essay Example unctioning is explained in this paper with special emphasize to functioning of effective work groups, elements of group effectiveness, process gains and process losses. Many of the current organizations are encouraging group work or team work because of the immense advantage team work have on individual work. In fact most of the project works need team performances rather than the individual performances in order to execute it successfully. Individual brilliance may not reflect in a team work. For example, if one out of the 10 members of a team performs badly, the entire mission could be failed even if the all the rest nine members perform excellently. For the effective functioning of the team, the entire team members need to identify the various processes involved in the project for the team’s progress. Process gains and process losses are the part of a project team functioning. Identification of these characteristics will help the team to perform well. A winning team is like orchestrating a piece of music and it doesnt happen by chance. It requires a great deal of information, careful thought, and sound resource management (Vokoun, 2009). It is not necessary that all the workgroups function well. The characteristics of the work group members are important in making the group work effective. Each member of a group is just like the links in chain. Even a single weak link can spoil or break the chain. Same way even single member of the group can spoil the entire objectives of the group work. In other words, a group work will be effective when all the group members combine well and complement each other. The first step in constructing a productive and goal-oriented work group is to gather information (Vokoun, 2009). Information about the project, its objectives and the skills required to complete the project are important for forming the work group. It is not necessary that an effective and efficient member in a group would be effective in another group.

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