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Journal Articles - Article Example The Democratic Party’s intense support for the principle of the Manifest Destiny, through the policies of the Democrat President James K. Polk, was the impetus of the war which moulded the nation (Apilado, 2011). The turn of events and the feats of the American political affairs at that time were discussed in Michael A. Morrison’s article "'New Territory versus No Territory': The Whig Party and the Politics of Western Expansion, 1846-1848" published on the Western Historical Quarterly. The History of 1846-1848 in the Eyes of Morrison The important arguments presented in Morrison’s article all revolve on the significant events of the Mexican-American War and the political affairs behind it. It analyses the dispute between important politicians of that time which emphasizes on the debate of the US territorial expansion. The pieces of evidence that the author uses in the article explicitly shows the partisan politics that delves on the politicians’ conviction on the use of force in order to achieve more territories and the otherwise. Morrison also tackles the views of the Democrat Federal government with concerns to the Congressional oppositions that Polk’s policies have met at the duration of the war. ... The article, in general, is a political analysis of the early American nation and the accompanying effects which ultimately manifest to the territorial expansion of the country. The author had written it in such a way that his arguments revolve on the different political sides and sentiments of the federal policy to sustain the two-year war with Mexico. More importantly, Morrison’s article creates much area for debate when it comes to the principles of the respective political parties at that time. It establishes insights on the partisan decisions of the federal government and the gravity of oppositions that the policies meet from staunch political rivals in the Congress. Manifest Destiny and Partisan Politics: the Dispute between the Whigs and the Democrats In the course of the American history, the principle of the Manifest Destiny had underwent through numerous developments which proved its full effect upon the formation of what is known to be the existing territorial expan se of the American nation. The principle simply states the use of conquest or force through military might which can award the nation more territories. The desire for further expansion after the nation’s freedom from the British colonial rule had manifested in many policies that the federal government had taken. A perfect example of this can be seen during the presidency of James Monroe and his Monroe Doctrine in the 1820s. The Monroe Doctrine explicitly stated the expulsion of any influence of any European power in the Americas and the propagation of the idea of Pan Americanism. Although Manifest Destiny was not a direct policy basis for the Monroe Doctrine, the very idea of territorial control was an emergent effect of President Monroe’s policy. The

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