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Final Analysis and Personal Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final Analysis and Personal Reflection - Essay Example Community health assessment is significantly imperative in assisting health practitioners, policy makers, and government to identify and analyze community’s health needs. Additionally, community health assessment is an incredibly vital tool in the identification of resources necessary in addressing emerging health issues as well as in the detection of health needs that demands for immediate action. The essay below intends to analyze the maternal, infant, and child health need in Montclair, New Jersey community in response to the healthy people 2020 objectives Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction and Literature Review 3 Assessment Phase 4 Goals and Objectives 5 Intervention 5 Primary Intervention 5 Secondary Prevention 6 Tertiary Intervention 6 Action phase 6 Evaluation 7 Appendix 7 References 8 Introduction and Literature Review According to Healthy People 2020 objectives, the improvement of health care among infants, children, and mothers should be the main long term objective of the Montclair, New Jersey health system (Healthy People 2020, 2012). The health care of mothers, children, and infants section of the population is exceptionally essential in shaping up the future generation as it helps in the prediction of health needs and challenges in future families, communities, and health care system. To understand the maternal, infant, and child health needs in Montclair, New Jersey, it is imperative for Montclair community nurses to evaluate and analyze the community’s health behaviors, the quality of life in Montclair Families, children, and women and the nature and capabilities of the Montclair health systems (Baron, 2005). In most cases, a pregnancy plays an extremely indispensable role in the identification of health needs among pregnant women. Knowledge on pregnancy tests helps in the identification of the most effective means of preventing future health problem among pregnant women and their children. Health risks among Montcl air community’s pregnant women include: depression, unhealthy weight, inadequate nutrition, genetic conditions, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and side effects of excessive use of alcohol and tobacco. The risks that are related to pregnancy related complications can be reduced by availing quality pre-conception and inter-conception care. Additionally, mortality and morbidity rate can also be reduced through early identification and treatment of unpleasing health conditions among pregnant women (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003). Some of the universally known factors that interfere with child birth among the Montclair women include: preconceptions, poverty, limited access to inter-conceptions and pre-conceptions as well as age. Child health is as well influenced by socio-demographic factors that include: mental and physical health among parents as well as limited family’s income. Social maternal health determinants among Montclair community enta il: pregnancy health status and behaviors brought about by social and environmental factors. Physical factors that affect healthy pregnancy in Montclair community comprises of lack of prenatal care and environmental factors that directly interferes with the mother’s health as well as the ability to employ quality health behaviors. Nursing Process in Montclair Community Assessment Phase The Montclair communi

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