Monday, September 9, 2019

CSR is just public relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

CSR is just public relations - Essay Example CSR has been found to be profoundly necessary for organizations because it has significant effect on employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community. Public Relation is defined as the practice or profession for maintaining and developing goodwill of an organization’s stakeholders. Public Relations generally include an employer’s participation in charitable causes, sporting events, education and other civic arrangements. It is known that ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ aroused as a result of implementation of ‘Public Relations’ in the organizations but it has a broader perspective in the modern world. CSR has become extensively essential for organizations to sustain in the competitive market. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just limited to public relations of organizations in the contemporary era. There are several uses of CSR in the global market. CSR is a development process for organizations that helps to transform social problems into strategic opportunities. CSR enables companies to work with their societal and political stakeholders in order to test innovative solutions and reallocate social responsibilities. There are mainly three factors through which CSR provides response to global challenges. There are many companies that assume CSR to be a way of engagement in the society in order to give back something in return. Most of the companies participate in activities such as charity and donations and believe that their CSR activity is of high quality. In order to understand the true value of CSR it is important that companies start realizing the true value of CSR. CSR is not just a philanthropic activity in fact it is a process wherein companies provide sufficient aid to their important stakeholders (Zientara, 2014, p.42). A new way of partnership with other companies or producing goods based after making

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