Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Bremuda triangle :: essays research papers

What Mr Cherry is saying is: WI something generally held to be untrue > is actually true? This is not alternative history because the existence > or otherwise of the Bermuda Triangle did not follow from a chain of > historical acts by human beings. No. What I was saying is: "what if this thing, generally held untrue, is not only true, but intruded on a historical event, as described afterwards." > OK, David. What's the PoD? What is the decision point where history > could have gone one way or the other and some woman or man makes a > decision and... the Bermuda Triangle comes into being? The PoD is not the bermuda triangle, but its effect on Columbus' ships as they returned; I used the bermuda triangle only as the vehicle for the PoD. > : "Secret history" involves the revelation that something that we think > : we know about the past is untrue. It is not alternate history: it > : leaves history unchanged, Note, history DID change. Hence not secret history, even if it did invoke something less-than-scientifically sound. Secret History involves the revelation that something we think we know about the past is untrue... what I did was -not- that. > So how is history changed to bring the Bermuda Triangle into being? > Really the PoD might just as easily be 'WI terrifying ASBs sink the Nina > and Pinta?' Tacky. There are those out there who believes it does exist. I made the supposition that it existed for the purpose of the divergence. The only PoD is "what if the bermuda triangle effect managed to get Columbus on the way back from La Navidad." If you don't want to believe that the bermuda triangle is an actual occurrence, that doesn't make those who DO believe it any less likely to believe it. > If we are dealing with alternative history rather than fantasy; then

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