Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 51

Philosophy - Essay Example Therefore, this paper attempts to look at Winfrey’s happiness using Aristotle’s theories including factors such as good fortune, virtue, lifetime and family. Obviously, as mentioned earlier, Winfrey has been blessed with good fortune. She is considered to be the wealthiest black woman, has several jobs and now owns a TV network named after her. She publishes a number of magazines which are widely read and are quite profitable. She is even offered roles in movies from time to time, making her stay in the limelight and benefit herself through more exposures and more income. She has friends whom she considers faithful to her for many years now, no matter her circumstances may be. According to Aristotle’s first requirement, Winfrey is a happy person. Secondly, Aristotle requires virtue to be a part of happiness. Having been molested as a child, Winfrey empathizes with innocent victims who have nothing else to do but take their share of the world’s cruelty. She supports and empowers them; funding their education through her â€Å"Angels†, an organization she put up to fund scholarships and, brings them justice by running after their abusers. She also gives huge amounts to charities, feeding thousands of less fortunate children and supporting organizations having the same objectives as hers. Moreover, Winfrey is known to give away surprises to her viewers such as scholarships in well-known universities, luxurious get-away trips and other simple treats to make her viewers enjoy a part of her successes. Accordingly, Winfrey could be said to be a virtuous person and therefore, a happy one. Aristotle considers that, â€Å"Happiness requires completeness in virtue as well as a complete lifetime† (23). Priam, in Greek mythology is, by Aristotle’s standard, not a happy man. Although he was successful in his endeavors as a king, his life ended in misery (26). In connection to Winfrey, one could not yet judge her happiness

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