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Conflict management (case) Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Conflict management ( ) - Case Study Example Morris was the initiator of PFM, and since he was in Paris, he should have asked his French counterparts to be part of the project. This project was the one based on rearranging the present social network to be more French-like. Not inviting them was thus aggravating the conflict. The main issue was keeping significant information from the French who learned of this project through another source. In addition, Morris should have been present during the merger which was about to happen between Voila and America’s rival, Jardin (Osland et al, 2007). He should have been there to encourage and guide his team who were facing employment issues. There needed to be collaboration between Morris and his fellow team members: Drummond, and Hanover (Osland et al, 2007). He personally appointed them, so he was supposed to be physically present in Paris. This would in turn lead to a very close relationship between these leaders. As a result, communication, ideas and decision-making elements would be discussed between them; Cooperation between them would have avoided the conflict. In fact, maybe they would have to agree and arrive at common ground of applying the principles of both PFM and Nourriture Excellent (Osland et al, 2007). The conflict revolved between the two projects, with each side trying to kill the opponent’s side project (Osland et al, 2007). ... Full collaboration was required based on the fact that careers depended on it. Each party needed to recognize the role they played in the video conference break down and acknowledge the fact that each would take full responsibility of what they did. Another thing, which contributed to the conflict was the team members in Paris refused to acknowledge Drummond as a real team member (Osland et al, 2007). This was largely her fault because she did a lot of work, which did not involve the French. Drummond should have understood the meaning of the team and involve the Paris team. At the end of the day, they would not have felt left out in significant matters, and they would have involved her in the meetings she requested to be part. Being added to the investigative team sounded ridiculous to the French because at the time Voila members were not given any responsibilities. According to Osland et al (2007), Voila was never prepared to accept PFM. They showed this through their actions. Morri s and his American counterparts should have accepted this fact instead of trying to force the idea on them. This was based on the fact that the business idea would yield very good results. They should have known that the French could never accept any radical ideas no matter how good the results would be. Well, Hanover was able to realize this, and no wonder he was able to form an explanation of what happened, why it happened and finally the role each person played in the conflict (Osland et al, 2007). He should have gone a step ahead and state ideas of resolving the issue at hand and even apologize to voila company. However, it is ironical that even during the conflict period, business results from both parties were positive. In fact, it

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