Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ink Painting In China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ink Painting In chinaware - Essay ExampleChina is known for its rich history in exposures, as well as, the embraced art forms. There are numerous characteristics in Chinese ink paintings that were used in the traditional mode of painting. Ink paintings in China are based on genres and themes that were acceptable in the traditional Chinese cultures. However, western educated Chinese artists changed these aspects by introducing ink paintings after returning to China. perverse to the traditional painting in China, ink painting focused more on bringing out more vivid aspects of nature. These artists changed a lot of things, and there is no discussion of modern Chinese art can be completed without discussing Xu Beihongs work and its influence on ink painting. Xu Beihong (195-1953) had the skill to assent modern and ancient techniques in accomplishing his best work. His works amalgamated the impressionistic utilization of color and light coupled with keen adherence to shape and struct ure. Xu Beihongs works will, therefore, assist in the critical understanding of Chines ink art and why or how the western educated Chinese adapted ink painting after returning to their country, as well as, the differences between these works and traditional ink art.

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