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To Kill A Mocking Bird :: To Kill a Mockingbird Essays

Proposals To examine the character of genus genus Atticus Finch as a hero in harpist Lees To Kill a Mockingbird.To kill a Mockingbird, an acclaimed novel, by Harper Lee is recognised throughout the world. Having read her novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1960 concisely after its publication, I was compelled to consider the novel in greater depth but was particularly intrigued to examine the character of Atticus Finch as a hero.Maycomb, a fictional t deliver in the Southern States of America plays host to the novel during the period of 1933-1935.To Kill a Mockingbird follows a lawyer and his family prior to and during a legal case to defend a black male, Tom Robinson, charged of raping a white female, Mayella Ewell. This occurs in a very white orientated town.Atticus Finch, Attorney and father of two children only plays a brief part in the opening chapter but as this epic novel progresses so does his importance. It becomes patent that Atticus Finch, arguably the novels main c haracter, is extremely well respected in Maycomb by the majority of its residents. If someone expresses a dislike towards him he will still try to do his best to love everybody. Atticus is a man of extreme integrity and some say that it is through his let the cat out of the bag that Harper Lee expresses her own morality, an opinion that I share. He represents a true gentleman his conduct is always courteous despite any discomfort whether privately or publicly. This is enhanced by the very carefully selected word choice. Atticus is able to use language stylishly when appropriate but he can also communicate very simplistically such as when in a moment of crisis he can talk straightforwardly, for example to Jem and Scout, to enhance understanding. Atticus is a devoted family man he manages to care for his children without the help of their m another(prenominal), who died. Harper Lee gives Atticus a very modern style regarding parenting (in comparison to other families in the 1930s i.e . principally he was a single parent). This could perhaps be a reflection on Atticuss opinion that everyone has the repair to be an individual and because of this we should not be judged. He is one person in a select few who feel that coloured people should be able to have the same standard of living as their white counterparts. Atticus is open to all opinions and will accept each individual for their own beliefs regardless of whether or not these differ from his own.

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