Friday, May 31, 2019

The Metamorphosis: Use Of Comedy And Irony Essay -- essays research pa

To what extent did Kafka use comedy/irony to develop his tragic, cynical view of familiarity and family?Gregor Samsa, a young traveling salesman who lives with and financially supports his parents and younger sister, Grete, wakes up one morning to find "himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin" or insect. At first, to my surprise, he is preoccupied with practical, everyday concerns How to get out of bed and walk with his numerous legs? Can he still make it to the office on time? Most persons would be devastated to find themselves in such a position as Gregor, but he did not seem to care untold about himself, but only about his obligations, instead of panicking, he starts cursing his job "If I did not hold back for my parents sake, I would have throw overboard long ago, I would have marched up to the boss and spoken my piece from the bottom of my heart", " Well, I have not given up promise completely once Ive gotten the money together to pay off my p arents debt to him, Im going to make the big break. But for the time being, I better get up, since my train leaves at five." This is a sort of dry humour a person in a tragic situation does not seem to notice the predicament he is in.He tries to get out of bed, but his new form does not enable him to do the things he used to do so easily. The way he describes it, can already be seen as comical "First he tried to get out of bed with the overturn part of his body, but this lower part- which by the ...

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