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National Incident Management System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

National Incident Management System - Essay ExampleNIMS said that effective dialogues, knowledge vigilance and information and intelligence sharing are critical aspects of domestic incident management, especially when the 2Continuation.Events leading to establishment of NIMS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------complexity of the incident necessitates a response from local, state, federal, and tribal emergency actors (page 2). The two just ab expose compelling disastrous events which inspired development of NIMS were the 9/11/01 terrorist attack of World Trade nitty-gritty Twin Tower and the Gulf Coast Hurricane Katrina disaster during the 2005 hurricane season. According to the author, experiences from both incident revealed that needed communication effectiveness during a disaster is dependent on the ability of the different parties to understand one another. NIMS was developed with the belief t hat clear and effective communication can be achieved by establishing shared standards and protocols. NIMS was established out of a directive from President Bush on February 28, 2003 through the Homeland Security Presidential directing (HSPD) No.5 with the primary objective of establishing a single, comprehensive incident management system in order to rear the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents (page 2). The author further reveled that NIMS was initially created out of 22 brisk federal agencies created by virtue of Homeland Security Act of 2002.Key features of NIMS NIMS was created out of carefully chosen representatives of different agencies across America including the federal government, states, territories, cities, counties, tribal...Each of the more than 700 inquiries received were immediately and directly answered. The single quayage site of the university received almost 4 million hits, a proof that the communication was needed and rise accepted.I n a community located in the direct path of Hurricane Ike, responders started posting updates and bulletins to their loading dock sites one-third days before the landfall and continued to provide the same totaling 40 updates during the onslaught. The updates were distributed to media and community leaders and members. Further inquiries from media and community members were managed effectively thereby providing the needed assistance and safety assurance from the active emergency responders. The community PIER site experienced more than 600,000 hits throughout the hurricane onslaught and response efforts.Complete ICS 200 Basic ICS. (All effect listed above plus single resource leaders, first line supervisors, field supervisors and other emergency management/response personnel that require a higher level of ICS/NIMS Training)Complete the National Response computer program Course IS-800 NRP An Introduction. (All personnel listed above plus middle management including strike team lea ders, task top executive leaders, unit leaders, division/group supervisors, branch directors and multi-agency coordination system/emergency operations center staff)Complete ICS cd Adva

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