Sunday, May 5, 2019

Market and Customers - Apple Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Market and Customers - Apple - raise ExampleApple therefore has appropriate harvest-homes for different market segments and is target yet other unusual market segments. Among the unique segments is corporate organization. Apple strives to sell its products in bulk to particular corporate organizations, results of effective market researches that influence the profitability of the fellowship.Apples target customers are individuals with high purchasing ply since they are either within or above the middle class in the different economies. The point that the comp any(prenominal) targets corporate organization has thus expanded the companys market share. This increases the companys profitability. However, the companys target market requires specific features in the products they purchase. Key among such features is the quality of the product this explains Apples commitment to the quality of its products.As an element of the marketing mix, price is a profound feature that influence s the profitability of a product in the market. In setting the price of a product, the company considers numerous features of the product, the cost of manufacture and the cost of doing business thereby arriving at a cost that leave alone enhance the companys profitability. in determining the price of its product, Apple just as any other manufacture considers the numerous features discussed above thereby retiling its products at market friendly rates in order to not only sustain the profitability of the company but to also enhance the marketability of the product. In order to maximize its profitability, the company can reduce the quality of its products while increasing the price of the product. maculation such may increase the companys profits, it will likely lower the companys profitability.In order to minimize the cost of doing business Apple must embrace the use of technology and rely on e-commerce in overcoming some of the demographic factors that deter the success of trade. The internet

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