Sunday, May 19, 2019

Living Together Is Not Wrong

Chanut Tipphanawadee 155 degree centigrade 5877 SECTION 5153 Assignment 2 - There is nothing wrong with people living unneurotic to begin with they get married. It seems undeniable that living in concert of couples and marriage of them are totally different of what they did in past. The metre of divorce rate, abortion rate, abandoned children are unstoppable increase. The contend is people in this era swallow been changed the concept of marriage and living unneurotic. Moreover, the rights of human has affected us. Especially, women in this epoch have more(prenominal) right on than the past.Therefore, I strongly agree with the statement There is nothing wrong with people living together before they get married. There is more than one reason why living together before get marriage is not wrong and should be accepted by our edict. Firstly, the couples that living together before they get married is able to look how life would be like with the person who lives with. For the r eason is when two peoples whether men or woman living together the conflicts might be occurred because of the different of severally others behavior such as spending habits, cleaning ,and time.These are important to the couples acquire along in the long terms and they can only be learned by propinquity when they live together for a period of time. Furthermore, they have to learn to be more responsible and bring care of each other like what marriage couples do. Moreover, we are in the new generation where the society is liberal. So, if they can live together before they get married their marriage and couples life are more tend to be perfect marriage . That why there is nothing wrong with living together before marriage.

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