Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Leadership Plan for Hurricane Andrew Research Paper

Leadership intent for Hurricane Andrew - Research Paper ExampleThis paper will come up with a leadership protrude for addressing the case study outlying Hurricane Andrew and the challenge it brought to the Florida communities.Hurricane Andrew was a catastrophic cyclone that was, at that time, the worst hurricane in the chronicle of the United States. The fourth tropical hurricane, initially named the storm, and then the 1992 Atlantic hurricane season, Hurricane Andrew originated from a tropical wave all over the Atlantic on August 16, 1992, from West Africa. At first, strong wind shear stopped more escalation (Waugh, 2000). A decline in shear the next day allowed the depression to strengthen turning into equatorial Storm Andrew by 1200 UTC. This was on 17th August (Waugh, 2000). Nevertheless, increased wind shear on eighteenth August diminished convection linked to the storm. In the next two days, wind gradient drastically reduced, and Andrew became a minimal cyclone on August 22. Thereafter, the hurricane turned westward under the power of a high-pressure trunk and began quickly to strengthen later that day. Shortly before moving through the Bahamas, Hurricane Andrew strengthened into a mob 5 cyclone on 23rd August. The cyclone weakened vaguely over the Bahamas to a Category 4 cyclone, just shortly re-intensified into a Category 5 cyclone on 24th August before making landfall on Elliott Key, and afterwards in Homestead, Florida. The hurricanes effects were mostly felt in Florida as it resulted in toilet human displacement and property damage. Assessors estimated that the damages from the hurricane resulted in almost $20billion making it the most devastating and valuable cyclone ever to hit the U.S. (Waugh, 2000).Hence, it was vital to make sure that people recovered fully from the hurricanes effects and were restored to their previous lives. The United States had a Federal Response Plan (FRP) in place. This was their response arm in case of such ca lamities. However, the

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