Friday, May 10, 2019

Growth of equal opportunities in the public sector organisations Essay

Growth of equal opportunities in the humankind sector organisations - Essay ExampleThe United farming has progressed in provision of equal opportunities in the employment.This has been seen by establishment of commissions, enforcement of policies and implementation of equal opportunities for members of the public sector. every(prenominal) these ideas and developments will be examined in the subsequent section of the essay.There ar three main Acts that affect the port employees receive fair treatment in the workplace. The first piece of legislation is the Sex Discrimination strike. This act seeks to protect the rights of women in the workplace especially public organisations. Women should not be denied the right to access an battle opportunity or an opportunity to develop in their work place base on their gender. This mover that those stereotypes who believed that women cannot perform certain tasks bring in been put to task.The other two pieces of legislation that have been put in place are the Disability discrimination and Race Relations. These two acts provide that during employment issues of disability and race should be put aside when making decisions concerning employment. Therefore employers practicing this will be guilty of an offence.This commission was completed for streamlining of employment opportunities in the Civil Service. Its purpose is to secure that there are no cases of discrimination establish on gender. It holds the firm believe that both women and men should be given the same treatment. It also believes that any employer should practice fairness when they are employing or recruiting members.Policies in District CouncilsThere are a good turn of District Councils that have enforced policies that affect equal opportunities in the work place. (Cornwall County Council, 2007)One such group is the middle Bedfordshire district council. The main idea behind the policy is to ensure that all people in the council have access to equal o pportunities during service delivery and employment. It does not tolerate any unfair discrimination based several issues including gender, race, marital status, disability and sexual disability. This applies to all the people who interact with the organisation.In employment, the council ensures that it will regard the differences that are present in society and should be able to reflect these differences in its staff members. This implies that recruitment should not have any elements of discrimination. These means that managers or members in position of power should not wont their positions forIt also believes that there should be training and development in the sector to ensure that all workers are aware of their rights and no one should infringe them on the basis that they have the power to do so. It has indeed empowered its employees in this regard and given them the tools to fight for themselves.Lastly, this council believes in the efficient communication and monitoring of p olicies to ensure that the equal opportunities policy is adhered to on the ground. After monitoring the situation on the ground, the council conveys the information to members of its team.Similarly, the Leicestershire County council holds similar views. It believes that members of the public and members of staff who come in contact with the council should be made to feel valued and should not hump any discrimination. (Leicestershire County council, 2007)Policies in the police forceThe Warwickshire Police has made a Scheme that relates to gender. It is called the Gender equality Scheme. This scheme was started this year and will continue into the next three years. It aims at protecting all members of the workplace against gender discrimination. The Scheme was a combination of ideas got from members of the Police Force staff, members of the pu

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