Friday, May 17, 2019

Event Management Proposal Essay

759 Kawaiiland is the chain of outlets under the daub extension of 759 Store which selling personal care product import to begin with from Japan and Korea to tender up-to-date and high quality products with reason sufficient prices. The first outlet of Kawaiiland was launched in December 2013, currently has seven outlets and aim to expand to 20 stores in 2014. This event proposal is aim to reinforce our brand take to and reputation, besides celebrating the launch of our new outlets through the first ever event Afternoon Tea in Kawaiiland in order to create awareness and spread word-of-mouth to the media and customers. Our event audience includes female customers and electromotive force customers, beauty bloggers, celebrities, sponsors, media and participants aged 18 to 30 years old. More than 150 participants in attendance and it exit reach more than thousands of audience with rich media coverage. The first ever event, Afternoon Tea in Kawaiiland pull up stakes be held on N ovember 23rd 2014, Sunday from 200 to 600p.m. at Discovery Park shop mall in Tsuen Wan.The event theme and concept is feeling like a group of girls enjoying good laternoon tea in a fancy and fun atmosphere. A series of event activities are tie in to personal care and beauty which is divided into 5 sessions on the day of event including physical composition contest, expertise sharing, games, photo booths and surprise mechanism. Gifts and souvenirs will be offered to the winners and participants. Refreshments and drinks will also be served during the event. This event will go with advertising supports through magazines, social media, websites, posters, leaflets and bloggers. Based on the size of the event and tar limit audience, we expect to reckon 80% of total attendance participating in the event through online registration and invitation, to obtain nearly HK$190,000 of sponsorship to have 3 artists performing in the event to attract 80% of invited media visiting the event and to get 70% satisfied rating from attendees and sponsors.These gains will be evaluated through a variety of evaluation methods after the event. In order to achieve these objectives, we are seeking the approval of funding of HKD two hundred and cardinal thousand by the management to support this event proposal. This plan and this investment will lead 759 Kawaiiland in becoming the most competitive retail brand in the region.Company Background759 Store is a retail brand in Hong Kong established by a list company CEC International, the store is named with the job number 0759. 759 Store aims to provide a high-quality lifestyle and consumption model in the Japan residential area to Hong Kong locals. 759 outlets has rapidly growth from 2010, the first store which selling snacks, food and beverage, to 2014, over200 outlets selling different variety of products include food& beverage, house subdue goods and personal care products. Over 1 zillion customers have owned a 759 Store VIP card. 759 mainly rely on Facebook and mobile app to glide by the discount, product information and outlets location with customers.759 Kawaiiland is the chain of outlets which selling personal care product import primarily from Japan and Korea. 759 Kawaiiland aims to provide up-to-date, high quality products with reasonable prices. The first outlet was launched in December 2013, 759 Kawaiiland currently has seven outlets and aim to expand to 20 within 2014. The 759 Store VIP card can also be used in 759 Kawaiiland. 10% discount will be offer to customer with a VIP card, non-scheduled discount will also offer to customers.The First Ever EventBy development the market development strategy, Afternoon Tea in Kawaiiland will be the first event hold by 759 Kawaiiland. Since many personal care or beauty products companies have engaged in contravention events to communicate their marketing gist. In Hong Kong, the Sasa bloggers events invites customers to their new product presentation and ne w product trial, Shiseido and Shu uemura hold makeup workshop to encourage product trial. Also in Singapore, Guardian and Waston hold Haraju-cute event and Look alike contest to entertain customer and to create awareness. The first ever event for 759 Kawaiiland can create a WOW effect to the media as well as the end market. With the event tactics, 759 Kawaiiland will be able to reinforce existing reputation and image, entertaining the participants and audience, and at the same time communicate our marketing message to our customers.

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