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Depression Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Depression - Research Paper ExampleIf in that respect was unity word that could be used as an umbrella term to cover all the smackings conducting from slack that would be hopelessness. Depression is a serious indisposition but can be treated if comely measures are taken in time without delay. Learning about the potential causes, signs and notes of low is indeed, the very original step in the way towards its resolution, treatment and prevention. What is depression? Depression is essentially an illness which affects and takes control of an individuals mood, thoughts and the whole body. Under the influence of depression, an individual becomes pessimistic in his/her approach towards himself/herself and his/her eating and sleeping habits are particularly affected. Many people suffering from depression take eating as a means to escape depression. In their attempt to relieve their tension, they seek refuge in the taste of food. The resulting engorge makes them gain weight and m any end up becoming obese. Where food intake is increased, there is a significant decrease in the amount of sleep. People suffering from depression either can non sleep or have nightmares when they sleep. They are haunted by ferocious dreams which interrupt the sleep. It is not contingent for an individual that has a depressive disease to pull himself/herself together and start feeling better. ... There are iv major kinds of depression, namely major depression, atypical depression, dysthemia, and seasonal affective disorder. They are explained below 1. Major depression Thus type of depression is largely characterized by an individuals lack of tendency to feel pleasure in life. The lack of enjoyment is persistent and uninterrupted. This makes the depression aggravate with the passage of time. However, even if no treatment is taken, major depression usually occupies the patient for 6 months. Most of the people experience a single episode of depression in their whole life. The disor der is generally recurring but there are medicines and treatment to minimize the recurrence. In the West, major depression is the No. 1 psychological disorder in the contemporary age (, 2011) which is increasing among all communities and age groups, particularly among the youth. It is estimated that by 2020, major depression will be the second most disabling disorder in addition to the heart disease. In order to fight major depression, most patients resort to the use of antidepressants. They are undoubtedly effective in providing an individual with immediate relief, though they do little to guarantee the individual depression free life. 2. temporary depression It is essentially a subtype of the major depression. Atypical depression is characterized by a particular symptom pattern that is inclusive of a temporal shift in mood as a result of positive events. An individual suffering from atypical depression feels good when he/she hears good news or when he/she hangs out with peers or friends. Nonetheless, the temporary emotional boost is ephemeral. The potential symptoms of atypical depression hold but are not limited to increase of

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