Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Cancer - Essay ExampleHowever, in the recent times, the incidence of genus Cancer has been on the rise (Dein, 2006, p. 35). There atomic number 18 various dietary, genetic, lifestyle related and environmental factors that could cause malignant neoplastic disease (Dein, 2006, p. 35). Medical experts associate this trend with a range of factors such as pollution, smoking, stress, improper dietary choices, bad lifestyles, substance abuse, genetics and the like, which negatively influence the cell cleavage mechanisms in the body and lead to cancerous tumors in different human organs (Dein, 2006, p. 35). To put it in simple words, cancer happens to be an rampant department of cells in an beings body (Weinberg, 1999, p. 1). In a healthy individual the division of body cells is systematic and controlled and facilitates many important body functions and physiological developments. However, in case this cell division gets uncontrolled, it may form a tumor, the name attributed to a mass of abnormal cells (Weinberg, 1999, p. 1). As cancerous tumors are composed of abnormal cells, they do not serve any healthy function in an organisms body. Rather, an unobstructed growth of cancerous tumors obstructs the normal working of the healthy tissues and in extreme cases, if not checked through medical intervention, may cause death (Weinberg, 1999, p. 1). Cancers are caused by a figure of reasons or factors. They may infect any part or tissue in a body. numerous a time cancers are caused by genetic disorders (Adrouny, 2002, p. 7).

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