Monday, May 6, 2019

Answer Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Answer Questions - Essay ExampleThere is hope in her revelation, but she says it as explained to her by Jesus.Both revelations and experiences preach the love of God, and the need to have a strong belief in him. Perpertuas revelation shows Gods love and power, she saw a sign of victory over the devil. Julians revelations ar also explanations of Gods love. She explains that irrespective of suffering caused by sin, God has a rea word of honor for it, and that reason is love. In one of her revelations, she explains how God loves us, and HE knows it is not our fault to sin, but he knows that sin brings pain, and so warns his people against sinning, but all is well for people allow for rejoice when they will understand the purpose of sin.They both understand human nature as having the body different from the psyche and the spirituality of human beings. The body is considered the weak feature which leads humans to sin. St. Augustine for example, indicates that the sins committed by huma ns be of the flesh, but they corrupt the soul. Paul also indicates that flesh is the weak and powerless feature, therefore vulnerable to sin. shift in the human heart and soul comes from interaction between the features of human nature. Pauls believes that living by the bosom is living a life free of sin. Augustine considers himself, a fully grown person spiritually, for he was no longer driven by ambition which was accompanied by heavy servitude in the hope of wealth and reputationThey include the excessive adoration of saints, corruption within the church, the justification that one must be saved through the church and faith, and the low intellectual and moral standards of the ordained priests, and that the scripture and tradition are of the same inspiration in Christianity.The prologue describes Jesus the person, and his ministry. In his interaction with Nicodemus, Jesus is shown as the son of God, and the teacher. The son of God is through

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