Friday, April 19, 2019

Facebook and the Web 2.0 Business Model Term Paper

Facebook and the Web 2.0 Business Model - Term Paper Example piece of music all(prenominal) these avenues have their strengths in the line environment, they also have their own shortcomings that have negative consequences for the general and the demarcation as well. Subjecting Facebook and the weather vane 2.0 business models to a political economic analysis will let loose their impact on the business environment.The web 2.0 business model is one of the opportunities that the business world has interpreted advantage of from the dynamism of the web technology. As Shuen (2008) points out, the web 2.0 is a refreshed platform for advanced business development that is by far much winner to its predecessor the web 1.0 platform. As opposed to the web 1.0 platform that was static and one-sided, this new web platform is more interactive and allows both the marketers and the customers to interact. The adoption of this new technology has a wide range of benefits to a business system. On e benefit of this platform is associated with the exponent for an organization to develop a concentrated website that contains all business details and product descriptions. This way, the organization squeeze out roll out its products to the customers on the internet. Given that the internet is an international platform, the business can attract customers from all over the world and push its products to the target customers in the market. Hence, the platform directly benefits the organization by change magnitude the number of customers by capturing a wider geographical scope.Another benefit associated with the web 2.0 platform is its ability to reserve a user-interactive page that allows the customers to provide their feedback and recommendations. For an organization to survive within its marketing niche, it should have a divulge understanding of its target customers by learning about their tastes and preferences.In conclusion, the Facebook and the web 2.0 business models are s uperior business weapons with a wide range of opportunities and benefits. Through the internet platform, organizations can use these models to advertise, launch their products, lease market research and obtain customer feedbacks on their products. In brief, this is an advancement of the web 1.0 era when online business was limited and unviable.

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