Monday, April 22, 2019

Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 23

Economics - Essay ExampleIn 1587, Roanoke Island received another chemical group of settlers, this time led by John White who had with him over a hundred persons to the island(http// Much later he went back to England to restock but on coming back the colony was goneJamestown would give birth a similar fate. Settler who came looking for gold and with minimal skills of agriculture died of starvation. But there were similarly several reasons that made it difficult for these towns to thrive. Firstly, the climatic and environmental conditions in these towns were very harsh to the settlers(http// The winters were extremely punishing in these North American towns. Jamestown was particularly damp and hot, thus making it infested by insects that caused diseases. Secondly, the water build in these settlements were never good for human consumption and with little knowledge on farming, starvation became inevitable. Thirdly, the Powhatan Indians looked at these settlers with suspicion. They knew that these new settlers would want more land, and thus used war to intimidate their expansion and tranquility. In 1590 settlers disappeared from Roanoke Island in mysterious circumstances, but it is widely thought they must have been attacked by the Croatoan, a native nation that lived nearby.The colony of Virginia existed during the 16 century for a moment before dwindling and later gaining resurgence alone through to the American Revolution(http// While it initially struggled to get its footage economically, owing to constant pandemics, and wars with natives, this colony would have a complete turnaround after John Rolfe introduced tobacco as a means of economic linchpin after the unsuccessful prospecting of gold and other precious metals.The New England colonies on the other hand include Massachusetts, Colony of Rhodes Island and Providence Plantation, Province of New Hampshire, and

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