Saturday, April 6, 2019

Capital raising Essay Example for Free

Capital raising EssayThe market today is split up between Flash memories and impregnable disk drive. While both currently undergo tremendous increases in performance, they also face severe limitations for the mid term future (2015). Beyond the technological barrier several(prenominal) physical factors related to the magnetic medium that stores the data bits are limiting the increase of density for hard disk drive technology but also for Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) that shows gravid promise in delivering fast read nd write performance with non-volatility in a iodin technology. SILTENE has developed a back end solution to treat magnetic materials for enhancing their performances, reducing manufacturing costs and modify yield for both HDD and MRAM applications. Beneficial market SILTENE targets the Hard look at Disk and MRAM markets. Three companies share the 50 billion dollars HDD market. These companies cooperate to develop new standards for ultrahigh-density device s. The MRAM market is still emerging but it should grow real rapidly in the next few years (1 billion predicted by 2018).Analysts consider MRAM as the universal proposition memory as they have the potential to replace Flash, SRAM and DRAM memories in the near future. Our mission SILTENE aims to wrench the loss leader in advanced magnetic materials for high performance, low power Hard Disk Drive and MRAM applications and plans to establish a new manufacturing standard by developing advanced processes and associated treatment tools compatible with ample scale. Our technology is currently being tested with hard disk drive and MRAM companies. A highly high-voltage team and an influential networkCyril Torre, is the president C. F. O of the company. He holds a PhD in science and canvas entrepreneurship at Ecole Centrale and HEC Paris. Dafln Ravelosona, C. E. O C. T. O, holds a PhD in physics and is a known worldwide expert in spintronics. He also worked for 2 years in the HDD res earch center of Hitachi GST and is currently group leader at CNRS. He also studied entrepreneurship at HEC Paris. Antonio Villari, C O O, holds a P D in physics. He is a world-renowned expert in development ot ion source and was C. O.O at Pantechnik for 10 years (world leader in Electron Cyclotron Resonance ion sources). The advisory board of SILTENE is composed of world- renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and product line developer (E. Fullerton, A. Kent, R. Cowburn, A. Steiner) Fundraising to develop the company SILTENE has raised 500k of seed funding from public aid (OSEO emergence in 2011 and OSEO cration-dveloppement in 2012) and has been awarded several innovation prizes. SILTENE is now looking for private fundraising of 1 M as a first step to enhance its RD and build up an industrial prototype.

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