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To Kill a Mockingbird - The Character of Atticus Finch :: Kill Mockingbird essays

To Kill a Mockingbird - The Character of genus genus Atticus Finch     Kind and understanding, relentless but fair, Atticus Finch embodies everything that a father should be. A man of long strength and courage, he is talent scout and Jems hero the steady presence that keeps them grounded and their simply connection to the adult world. He is their teacher, their protector, and their friend. He takes on these responsibilities without hesitation, and cares far Scout and Jem the only way he knows how. Some say its a ill-conceived effort at parenthood, but the endorser sees that Atticus episodes with his children are what make him an cautionary father. Atticus unique relationship with Scout and Jem is built on equality and respect, and helps to nominate his father of the year character. The simple act of calling him Atticus and non father brings Scout and Jem to the same level as Atticus. They are people, not children. Jem protested, then pleaded, and Atticus said, All right, you can come with us if you cling in the car(239). By allowing Jem and Dill to accompany him and Calpurnia to tell Mrs. Robinson about Toms death, Atticus demonstrates his respect for Jem and Dill, and his faith in their maturity. Part of Atticus role as a father is teacher. Most of Scout and Jems knowledge comes from Atticus. He teaches them the important brio lessons that they cant learn from books or blackboards. You never really understand a soul until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk more or less in it(30). This conversation between Atticus and Scout comes early in the novel, and helps the reader to appreciate the special bond between Atticus and his children. They respect him as their father, and they value his opinions and advice. In addition to sharing his thoughts and wisdom with Scout and Jem, Atticus teaches through example. His lessons in morality and ethics come in the courtroom, when hes fend for Tom Robinson. You know the truth, and the truth is this just about Negroes lie, some Negroes are immoral, some Negro men are not to be trusted around women- black or white. But this is a truth that applies to the human festinate and to no particular race of men.

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