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The Incredible Journey of Moll Flanders Essay examples -- Moll Flander

The Incredible Journey of gun moll Flanders Abandoned by her mother at the age of six months moll Flanders does non control any of the requirements expected for her life journey to be a really good one. Her first memory is that of wandering among a crew of those community they call gypsies, or Egyptians (9). But already as a chela of about eight or ten she is aware of herself as an exclusive ready to shape her own life ...for alas all I understood by creation a gentle muliebrity was to be adequate to(p) to work for myself, and get enough to keep me without that terrible bugbear passage to service... (13). Molls first very frightening experience is that of being cast off the ship when she is turned out of doors to the wide creation before reaching the age we call lawful. She is very ironic when she says straight off I was a poor gentlewoman indeed... (18). At this time, when individualism was etymon to be seen as something worth aimimg at, Moll is aware that for a woma n life is much more limited than for a man. This novel, written as an autobiography, was composed by a man, but I think he has managed well to convey to us a womans experiences and thoughts. Moll wants to shape her own life, but she does non always reach her goal. As a young woman she is seduced by a man who does not keep his promise to marry her, and then she marries his brother and constitutes in a marriage that is not at all a happy one. When left wing a widow, she keeps thinking of the next step, of her next station in life. As it is very difficult for a woman in this society to live alone, she is ...resolved to be married or nothing, and to be well married or not at all. (65). She has a very strong notion that a woman should not be kept for a mistress if she has mon... ...Molls life journey could very well have cease with her being executed, but she is lucky enough to be sentenced to transportation. The novel The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the not satisfactory Moll Fla nders takes us again to Virginia, where Moll and her Lancashire husband start a new life as planters. She meets her son ( a very wretched event), and she inherits a farm from her mother. When we leave Moll and her husband they are nutriment a quiet life in England, ...where we resolve to spend the quietus of our years in sincere penitence for the wicked lives we have lived. (376). To a modern reader Moll seems to be a survivor in a society not yet prepared or able to care for all its members. She tries, and ultimately manages, to be the captain of a ship, that is not easily steered. Work Cited Defoe, Daniel. Moll Flanders. Penguin Popular Classics, 1994.

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