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The Impact Of Climate Change On Cambodia

The Impact Of Climate Change On CambodiaCambodia is one of the countries on the briny primer coat of Southeast Asia. Cambodia is 181,035 squ be kilometer in sum up bea, and the total depend of population is nearly 14 million in 2008. Cambodia shares the b parliamentary law with the three countries in Asia such as Thailand, Lao Peoples elective Republic, and Socialist of Vietnam and slightly 6400 kilometer in total border.Actually, 80 pct of the total populations are farmers. They grow crops, curiously rice paddy, for daily intention in the families and sale the surplus products to the market places to earn money for the upcoming needs. Besides the doing agriculture, race are usually work for other plenty either in the rural or in the urban to suck up money for the families. These kinds of jobs are commonly about building, garment sectors, electricians and so on. In addition, Cambodia is one of the countries has the tropical monsoon in the region in which classify the te mper in Cambodia into twain different seasons respectively, the dry season and the rainy or wet season. Actually, the dry season in Cambodia commonly starts from the month of November to the month of April and the rainy or wet season start from the month of whitethorn until the month of October, to which provide easy going for Kampuchean lot in doing agriculture. In fact, they target do the agriculture more than one per year.However, since on that point was a diversify in mood, most of fields in Cambodia were non usable for ontogeny such a crop, rice paddy. Actually, in order to pull back it easier, we should firstly understand what the term of mode transplant is. The manage is that mood deviate is one of the most concerning global issues that have frightful impacts on human securities. It is truly a long term change of climate in a specific areal or locations or we can say that climate change is the increasing of temperature on the earthly concern that we commonly c annot sympathise through our naked eyes. Obviously, such a flagitious issue, global warming, is not hold in place incidentally. There are ceaselessly the factors that encourage or facilitate it to take place. In order to make this topic easier, I would raise both major factors that practice to the ever-changing of climate those factors are the globe activities and from the pictorial activities. prototypic of all, all humans activities always affect to the environment either on the bear-sized subdue or in the small scale. For example, greenho recitations wastees are the major actor that cause to the to the change climate. What is a greenhouse gas? Greenhouse gas is gas that exceeded by the construction of greenhouse. Actually, the sight who are living in the polar areas have not coming to grow crops and vegetable as usual. Therefore, the constructions of greenhouses are inevitable for them. Scientifically, the greenhouses are built to trap the suns h kill for growing crops. Obviously, not all the heat that trapped by the greenhouse returns to the atmosphere. Therefore, it alivenesss warm in the houses, and it is usable for growing crops. However, these kinds of heat forget lead to change of climate or called global warming. Another factor that humans activities cause to the change of climate is the wealthy of the bulk. Actually, when people become wealthier, they would change their behavior of habit of goods or services to the sunrise(prenominal) products to facilitate their daily living standard. For a real example, in order to make lives more comfortable, people use modern equipment such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and cool agents, and so on. Actually, these kinds of equipment are the main factors that exploit to the environment because of the chemical substances inside are chancy to the environment that we usually called chlorofluoro coulombs (CFCs). It is actually the main substance that exploits the ozone class. What is ozone class? Scientifically, the ozone layer is layer that can be found in the atmosphere about 30 kilometers above the earth surface. It plays a very crucial component part in property the earth not so hot, for most of basal Violet (UV) is absorbed by the ozone layer. Therefore, the temperature on the earth surface pass on be cool. In contrast, what ordain happen if the ozone layer is exploited? Scientifically, when ozone layer is lost, the large amount of Ultraviolet forget go directly to the earth. Therefore, the temperature will be increasing on the earth.Another factor that people do affect to the climate change is through the cutting a large amount of the tree or we call de timberlandation. As we can see that, forest is the main actor and plays a very significant business office in keeping temperature on earth cool. Actually, most of the carbon dioxide (CO2), a main actor in increasing the temperature, is usually absorbed by the trees, and the trees convert such a bad subst ance to Oxygen (O2) to which utilitarian for human beings. Moreover, forest as well as plays a very crucial part in balancing the reckon of carbon dioxide. However what will happen when a large about of the forest is cut exhaust? Actually, when the number of population increases, their demands for daily lives also increase. Therefore, they have to cut mound the forest for building house, to make land usable for growing crops. Scientifically, when the trees were cut or burned down, the carbon dioxide will forthwith go back to the atmosphere. Obviously, blow dioxide is the main actor that helps accelerate the processing of trapping the suns heat. When at that place is a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the temperature will be hotter and hotter.The sulfur major factor that cause to the climate change is through the natural activities. First of all, I would raise the case of forest come off. Forest fire sometimes happen when the temperature in the forest is hot or when in that location is lightning. Scientifically, Carbon dioxide is easily backed to the atmosphere when there is getting knobbed with the fire. Obviously, forest fire may take long time, so the number of Carbon dioxide that releases to the atmosphere will be larger. Therefore, the temperature on the earth will gradually increase. Another factor that cause to the climate change is the belt of volcanoes. When there is eruption, the environment in the region will be polluted. In fact, the smoke from the eruption consists of toxic substances that affects to the environment such as gases, carbon dioxide, and sulphur oxide and aerosol.Most interestingly, climate change has surd impact on human being near the world, especially for the people living in the developing countries. Obviously, for most the developing countries like Cambodia is not a main factor that cause to the climate change. However, Cambodia is bland abnormal by the changing of climate on the same level as t he main endorsers. Specifically, Cambodian people are facing some problems under climate change.First of all, people in some provinces in Cambodia have no access to grow crops, especially rice paddy. There are drought and flood lamp in the provinces to which delay people from growing crops. For example, Kampong Speu is one of the provinces in Cambodia that experienced in drought. People find it hard in growing any kind of crops because of the drought. It was difficult to plough the field because the soil is alike dry. At the same time, the land became unusable, infertile, for crops to grow. Therefore, a large number of people immigrated to the city to look for jobs. Some people immigrated to the third countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and currently Korea to earn for the families that are waiting for their money. Another example that bear upon by the climate change is that for some provinces such as prey Veng and Kampong Cham experienced in flooding. In fact, people in these two provinces usually do the agriculture during the rainy season, in September of the year. Because there was flood in the rice field for long time, people belated(a) in practicing in agriculture. Therefore, they have to wait until water dodge become lower. Obviously, the late of doing agriculture may cause some(prenominal) problems for the farmers such as there is not enough water for the rice to grow, there are pests that eat and exploit the rice stalk and the field becomes infertile. As a result, many people immigrated from the provinces to work in the city. Actually, when large numbers of people keep going to the city, it would make the city unstable and difficult for the government to take control.Similarly, climate change also affected to the human security in Cambodia for a few consequences. First, most Cambodian people, especially to the young people under the age of five, are affected by the diseases. Obviously, most of Cambodian people, especially the people who are l iving in the rural areas, are depending on the water from the nature sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and stream and so on. When there is a changing in climate, it causes the quality water in those sources become shallow the water become more polluted. When people took the water to use for cooking, drinking, and washing, they were affected by this factor, especially for the young people, because they had a feeble anti-bacterial system in their bodies. Moreover, one of the most serious diseases that have severe impact on the young people was diarrhea. Statistically from the Minis refine of Health of Cambodia, around 12,500 Cambodian people die per year.Because of the bad impact of the climate change in Cambodia, both state and non-state actors have found out new strategies and solutions in reducing the serious effects of the climate change. First, non-state actors are play a very crucial role in fighting against the climate change. Actually, there are a few strategies that non -state actor such as NGOs practicing to reduce the climate changes effects. Initially, NGOs are trying to promote education system for the poor people who are living in the rural areas in Cambodia. They believe that educational system is key role that help people escape from the poverty. When people become literate, they will stop cutting down the forest. They will change their perception of cutting down forest and suppose about important factors of forest for lives for lives to live harmoniously, for it helps reducing the effects of climate change. At the same time, they may look for other jobs that can also make money for their families such as ecotourism. Another strategy that NGOs in Cambodia help reducing the effects of climate change, they promote reforestation for people living in the rural areas. Actually, if people want to cut down a tree, they have to grow another to for the future use. When the people keeping practicing this strategy, there will be a stability of forest in Cambodia and climate change will gradually be reduced.Similarly, Royal politics of Cambodia is trying very hard in looking for the solution that can deal with the effect of climate change on Cambodia citizens. First occasion that the government of Cambodia uses to reduce the effects of climate change is conservation of forest. They try to keep the amount of forest cover to about 60 portion by promoting on both private and public institutions to reforestation. It is one of the emotional ways to cope with the expansion of the climate change. Second, the government keeps their eyes on community forestry. Obviously, community forestry helps preventing from any kind of illegal deforestation and land enlargement activities. Finally, in order to make the awareness of Cambodian people, especially for younger generation, the government of Cambodia has inserted the subject of climate change to the formal report card subjects. The government wants people to be aware of the climate chan ge and what are the strategies that help protect the environment.In conclusion, climate change totally affected to everyone one round the world. Although a country such as Cambodia was not the main contributor to the climate change, the effects of climate change still affected on Cambodia on the level as the main contributor once. The climate change causes the rice fields in Cambodia became infertile and did not usable for growing rice. Also, a large number of people locomote from the rural areas into the city to look for any job to support their families. Moreover, diseases were taken place under the effects of climate change. However, climate change was immediately responded by the two actors, state and non-state actors, NGOs. Both played very important role in reducing the effects of climate change respectively. Finally, if these two main actors standstill on their commitment, I optimistically believe that the leger climate change will gradually be eliminated and the environme nt will be as normal as the ancient time beforehand there was getting involve by word climate change.

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