Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Nectar in a Sieve Discussion Questions

Nectar in a Sieve Inner/Outer Questions Emily Murphy 1st period 8/30/11 1) What is the main characters name in the book? A Rukmani 2) What do you think could have happened if Ira was condition the medicine the Rukmani had to bear children for her first husband? A She would have been staidly neglected and abused, for he seems to be not a trustworthy man. 3) What is the fundamental theme of the importance of fertility rate? A In Hindu society, fertility and the ability to take care of children decides how successful a woman get out be in a marriage and whether the marriage will last.So, the cardinal idea of fertility is nothing new to books about Hinduism. 4) Can you succeed a definition of the title? A Nectar is the drink of the gods check to the Hindus because its savory and sweet. But when you put it in a sieve, the perfume is lost and its no longer a good drink. 5) What is the exemplary meaning for the tannery? A The tannery is a symbol of urbanization and the outside ear thly concern coming into their cultural bubble. The whole village is kind of a township luck in condemnation. 6) Identify the problem with the caste system in the setting of the novel.A Especially in Rukmanis case, sometimes a girl of a middle or low caste is coerce to marry below her caste simply because her family is not financially ready. 7) What picture is there to support that Rukmanis parents are not financially static? A Rukmani was the fourth daughter born to her parents, so her oldest sister had a lavish get hitched with lasting for days, which was very expensive. Consequentially, by the time Ruku got married, her wedding was short and plain. 8) What was the go point in the novel? A The turning point was definitely when Nathan and Rukmani had to leave their land because the tannery bought it.This is so because everything important to Nathan was in that land, and everything goes downhill from there. 9) What was the antecedents purpose for not specifying the exact tim e and place? A Markandaya prevents a lot of work and attention on the subject of fix. The reader spends more time focused on the story, and the author does not have to worry about correct facts about the location and time period. 10) How are Nectar in a Sieve and pariah alike? A They both point out some of the flaws in humans and their society.

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