Friday, March 22, 2019

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LOSTREWARD IF FOUND Higher Paying Jobs at that place ar too many low paying jobs hither in San Antonio. If this enshrouds we will see San Antonios economy decline and this city will generate nothing but a low income touristry town. The military comportment at one time gave San Antonio its backbone to fall back to. With the end of Kelly Air Force base that backbone is now diminishing. Many masterful labor thespians, some who worked at the base for many years were labored to go back into a workforce, which did not pay as much as they were used to making at the base. Unfortunately, being a tourism town also brings with it the low service/low paying jobs and we be dependent on outside money to stimulate the local economy. You everto a greater extent hear about new jobs coming to San Antonio, but the majority of them are companies looking for low skilled workers. What is the Economic development foundation doing to guide bountiful business here? What are our leaders thinking when they range they are promoting San Antonio and pushing for more jobs? Is this what they deliver, more hotels and restaurants so we can continue to serve the rich? We must focus on luring new big businesses with higher skilled/high wage jobs. We must also enlighten our workforce to be able to compete for those positions.The primary fix to this task is to bring high-income jobs to San Antonio. We need more jobs such as those in technology, industry, pay and healthcare. Cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston have been successful in attracting large corporations in bringing high-income jobs into their cities. We must be as creative if not more when convincing companies to move here. If we can offer hotels tax abatements to lure them into create here, why cant we do the same for high skilled worker type companies that want to make San Antonio a home. Cities such as Dallas and Houston wound from things like high cost of living, crime, pollution and bad traffic. These items shou ld be carrots for us when companies are looking for a place to move into. Consider the avocation average annual salaries in San Antonio during 1998, a housekeeping supervisor earns close to $17,600, a waitress about $12,550,an electronic engineer $57,290, financial managers $56,610, and medical checkup scientists around $70,060. Looking at the previous salaries it is safe to say the here in San Antonio there is a wide disparity of salaries.

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