Thursday, March 7, 2019

Filipino colony in Borneo Essay

1. The North Borneo Project The Borneo project was a trace of establishing a Filipino colony in Borneo under the British power. It would amaze been a great project but, like unfortunate plans, there were hindrances that guide to the well-planned project to be left-out and dropped. One of the reasons would be the chemical reaction of Governor worldwide Eulogio Despujol. It is known that Dr. Jose Rizal sent letters to the Governor General for the approval of the say project. His first letter was not answered therefore Rizal wrote to him again.The letter was well dispassionate in flawless discussion, but even in the respective note of hand he had noted the Governors failure to respond, indicated that the practise of ill-gotten deportation was biased, and that whoever ordered them, bore the load of liability on his conscience. It go out be presumed that with those in mind, Rizal would not have a positive response from the Governor. In addition to this, if the Governor approved of the plan, it would reveal to the world that concourse had been forced to self-exile in order to realize and obtain liberation.Furthermore, it would be an diaphanous offense to renounce Spanish nationality, and a chain of diplomatic events would yield from Despujols agreement with a foreign power. It would also be taken consideration that this site of the colony, being near to the Philippines, may be use as a base of operation for a revolution. Rizal after years or weeks time was informed of the Governors response. He notion that it was anti-patriotic and that he strongly rejected the project. He added that it would be best for Rizal to fix home, but gave a vague security intimately guarantees that could be apt(p) for his citizenship.Another reason is his negotiations with the British North Borneo. Dr. Jose Rizal, in the absence of the governor, who was on leave, made transactions with the manager, Mr. W.B. Pryer, and the Secretary of the Government, Mister Cook. Both, es pecially Pryer, showed interest and favour to the say project, offering him good compromises and negotiations. While transacting with Pryer, Dr. Jose Rizal received an outstanding proposition. During a time period of eight months he had the option to buy 1,000 acres from the caller-up and 5,000 during the nigh triplet years, at the equipment casualty of $6 per acre, payable on terms, and a lease good for 950 years All these, of course, were subject to the laws of B.N.B.(British North Borneo).The company offered to undertake the construction of buildings and planting of orchards, all payable in three years. Then, when it came to Mr. Cook, the proposition changed. Cook offered Rizal 5,000 acres of land which came without payment for three years. later on a few days, the governor finally received him to hear about his project. Conversely, Rizal learned that that the governor had not confirmed the offer of Cook, but the price would be P3 per acre. He was further disappointed whe n after two days Pryer wrote that the terms of negotiation has been sent to London for examination. It was not further explained but, in my opinion, Borneo being only a British protectorate, the examination would take a very long process and it is probable that it will not be approved.2. Establishment of a College in Hong Kong Rizal planned to establish a college in Hong Kong to teach languages, science, and the arts, in the style of the Jesuit colleges. He had even drafted the regulations of the proposed school. The nonpareil who was supposed to fund it if ever it pushed through was Mariano Kunanan, a wealthy Pampango capitalist who promised 40,000 pesos to start the school. Having known the opposition of the propaganda to go back to the Philippines, he therefore with others in Madrid thought of the said project.This way, they still could educate the Filipinos without tone ending back to motherland. In my opinion, their focus in establishing this in Hong Kong is the grounds tha t this is where nigh of the exiled Filipinos are sent. In addition, many Filipinos visit Hong Kong in various reasons, especially those who belong to families that are well-to-do, knowing that it is near to the Philippines. Another thing is that he may have thought of going against the wrong ways of teach and administering of some of the Dominican priests that results them to choose the way of education of the Jesuits.

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