Saturday, March 23, 2019

e-waste Essay -- Technology, Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Electronic and electrical equipment is essential part of busybodied world. It substitutes hard human work and makes it faster. Most of people have a computer at home or at work. In new-fashioned years changing of electronic equipment becomes faster due to obsolescence and advance (Deathe et al. 2008, 322). The worry of e-waste threatens the future environs of the modern society. E-waste or electronic waste actor electrical and electronic equipment, which is not suitable for use and fills the dumps. Electronic equipment, such(prenominal) as mobile phones, computers, and televisions consist of hazardous materials, which pollute the environment and concern on humans health. Obtaining of 1.6 billion pounds of lead and four time more pounds of plastic from e-waste had been foretold by the National Safety Council (Hosansky 2004, 20). There is a diversity of ways to solve this problem, but for finding the most good origin there are some criteria such as environmental benefits, acce ssibility for people and feasibility. This paper using evaluation criteria will adduce and analyse remanufacturing and recycling. This essay will argue that remanufacturing is the most effective solution by evaluation of two proposed solving.According to Kahhat et al. (2008, 956) people buy technologies in spite of they not required in it. Increasing of using electronic devices has not supplemented the developing of a process after the end of their life. For instance, only 9% of non-using equipment was pending of destruction (ibid. 956).He shows that about 4 % of e-waste can be recycled in the United States. As Hosansky (2004, 20) states computers have the cathode ray tubes (CRTs) which consist of lead. Electronic equipment in any case contain chemicals which dangerous for hea... disassembled and restored. Remanufacturing seems to have promise and it needs more promoting and expansion.In conclusion, this essay has overviewed the e-waste problem and has analyzed lately reco mmended solutions. Remanufacturing and recycling was evaluated according to the criteria of environmental benefits, accessibility for people and feasibility. The main criterion is environmental benefit which as well means advantage for human health. According to this, it has been determined that, remanufacturing has adequate thingumajig to choose it. It is limited instances for remanufacturing in life and in scientific sources because it is latterly offered solution. Indeed, producers should think about remanufacturing which in compare with recycling gives more benefits for environment and economics and seems to be the most effective solution of the e-waste problem.

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