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Did Attitude Shape Catharine Parr Traill and Susanna Moodie Success as

Back in the 1830s when it was unimaginable to journey for months to a foreign country so uncultivated two nave sisters did just that. The Backwoods of Canada is a straightforward, hardheaded account complied of letters written back home of Catharine Parr Traills branchly years in Canada. Roughing It in the Bush is a witty, autobiographical story written by her younger sister, Susanna Moodie. Their attitude to worthy pioneers was shaped by their temperaments and circumstance. Catharines attitude is one quiet acceptance and is reflected in her direct writing, whereas Susannas attitude first appears to have an edgier, less optimistic expected value on her new homeland, but she covers it up with a dry awareness of humour in style and dialogue when reflecting on her Canadian experience.Upon examination, we first must look at the sisters temperament and attitude towards life. Their attitude on life comes out in their writing and we can virtuoso how they would savvy their new home land, Canada in the 1832. Catharine, the elder by 23 months was considered to be the sweet-tempered and placid, was her preceptors favourite child, and Susanna, the youngest, was the impulsive and defiant one, with a wicked sense of humour (Gray, 17, 18). Both sisters traits are clearly exposed in their go about to starting a new life in Canada. Even forwards moving to Canada, it was Susannas passion for life and her new baby that energized Catharine and doubting Thomas to get involved, get married and to emigrate with Susanna and her family, but it was Catharines methodical calmness that got Susanna through the valleys and peaks in actually moving to Canada ( 48).Catharine and her hubby were at an advantage over her sister when they first arrived in Canad... ...arine wrote with a no-nonsense positive style to assist women embarking on immigrating to Canada. Susanna wrote with humour and fair-mindedness to cover up her disgust and disappointment and to warn genteel women of t he hardships of becoming pioneers. After researching these two sisters biographies, I realize that they both had fortitude beyond what I would be able to endure if I were in either of their shoes. Works CitedParr Traill, Catharine. The Backwoods of Canada. An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English. 3rd ed. Ed. dressna Bennett, and Russell Brown. break Mills, ONOxford, 2010, 102-108, Print.Moodie, Susanna. Roughing It in the Bush. An Anthology of Canadian Literature in English. 3rd ed. Ed.Donna Bennett, and Russell Brown. Don Mills, ONOxford, 2010, 102-108, Print.Gray, Charlotte. Sisters In The Wilderness. Toronto Penguin, 1999. Print

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