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Character Analyses Table

Characters The Story of tomcat Brennan Using the information close the other characters bring inn to you by the other groups fill in the boxes below, complicate * Adjectives to describe their personal (how they act, what theyre like) and physical characteristics (what they look like) * How they deal with the jam & do they blame themselves for the crash? How? (Include a quote from the novel to exemplify this and explain why this quote is appropriate) * Outline how they have grown or veerd through forth the novel (Include a second quote from the novel to decorate this and explain why this quote is appropriate)Tom BrennanBefore determined, strong, horny, talented, and athletic. How he dealt with it Tom blames himself at the show up simply learns to accept that it was not his fault. He soon sees that he could neer have stopped Daniel from hailting in the car. Tomorrow? I matte my heart slip to the ground t present would be a tomorrow the world went on, regardless of how I f elt. It shows how Tom is struggling to get through the days and just when it gets better he remembers how crap his look is. Tom changes hugely end-to-end the book, he works hard to remediate his life and be abide by happy again even when he wants to give up. I just wish I was starting to feel a bit better You will, I know you will. Re every(prenominal)y? yea. Do you? Yeah I answered. Its slow but I can see onward now, if you know what I designate? standardised? Like life organism okay again. I squeezed her hand. Shows how Tom starts to merry again. Daniel BrennanBefore solidus arrogant, Sentenced to 3 years in jail. Blames himself, ashamed of what he has done. He has plenty of beat to think about what his done. Daniel improves at the discontinue. Reckless at times. Doesnt deal with the crash that well because he blames himself for what happened at the beginning.He has a mentor that helps him deal with the throw and then Daniel begins to help someone else. Daniel was an accident waiting to happen, just shame that it happened to other people. From Nicoles parents. He became sorry and a mentor. This is how he changed throughout the novel. Kylie BrennanSmoker, stubborn, argumentative. After accident aggressive, angry, guilty, frightened, secretive and bitchy. Builds a strong descent with Tom and Daniel. Expresses her feelings through her speech about domestic terrorism.Kylie becomes caring about Fin and made accepted he was ok. Kyles well neer be the same, but that doesnt mean it has to be hard just different. This show that things can change but doesnt have to be negative. How she dealt with it She moved on quickly, but she blamed herself secretly because she encouraged Fin and Claire to get together. She hated herself, and get it on her hair off. Tell someone who cares Tom. As she got up and walked out. This shows she is angry. She started being rebellious as a form of coping. She started smoking and even swearing.Unlike Tom though, she c ant talk about the accident. As she told her new booster amplifier Brianna and her old friend Becky. FinBefore accident mature, relaxed. After accident confused, depressed, quadriplegic. Hey Tom and here he was 6 months later, his had grown back and he could breathe for himself. simply hed never be the real Fin, the Fin I knew. Whos Bennies 5/8th, A bloke called Rory, Is he some(prenominal) good. I answered carefully Hes not badHe became quadriplegic, becomes depressedBecause he cant move, he had more time to think.When becoming angry, the only when mood to feel better is to take it out on his family. About the crash angry, lost confused, depressed. Blames Daniel for the crash and how he finished his life. Uncle Brendan ClaireRegretful, forgiving, scared, caring and thoughtful. Claire broke up with Daniel and he went crazy which resulted in the accident. gran Aunty Kath Jo Brennan and Tess Brennan (Toms Parents)Sympathetic, dull, depressed, neglectful. He does not blame hi mself for the accident as he felt they all had the reason to celebrate.They got in to the final end they wanted a premature party. Joe did not know the full relationship between Fin and Claire had the secret relationship. Joe just saw it as a night of fun not tragedy. She nodded. youve always been one step ahead of her. You and Kylie both have. So what did I do wrong my setoff born? Tess blames her parenting skills referring to Kylie and Tom being good but looked at the Daniel turned out. Tess used to be very neglectful to the rest of family and has come to deep depression.She didnt show practically interest other than Daniel this has elongated not only to her own children but Fin as well. She changed throughout the novel by taking care of her health and making political campaign with her children. Mum made dinner. Kylie and I helped. They were only omelettes but that was the to the highest degree shes cooked in ages. She kept going on about how voluptuous they were and how you had to eat the eggs in a particular way to benefit them fluffy. Kylie gave me a bit of an mall roll but she didnt say anything. We knew these were big steps for mum. We didnt want to do nything to razing it in case she went back to bed and never got out. Not only has god given you a gift, I mean sincerely. Now, it was good, but it was never going to be as good as you But I think deep down he meant that. Joe comes to senses and realises that Daniel, is not so much the golden child. Joe realises that Tom has so much, he has a chance at a better life, a great rugby career and a chance to become a great someone, special. This relates to Joe in changing because he realises that Tom can be someone and he can fig up his brother and family from the disaster. Tess blames herself.She felt saddened, depressed as if she never wanted to stimulate up from her bed. Tess often slept, and slept in the dark clutches of doona. It was though she would never wake from under the bed ever again, but Tess after all that sleeping she was just thinking that she should of stopped Daniel. But there was no way. Tess did not know what was going to happen. Daniels actions affected Tess in a way where she would never able to look at her sister in the eye again. The damaged that ripped Tesss family apart that to her was unbearable to forget, and to beg for forgiveness.

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