Monday, March 4, 2019

Barriers to Communication in the Health Sector

Barriers to communications in wellness and social kick Communication is simply being able to pass a capacity and that message being mum by the someone it was meant for and well understood and carried out without any problem. When this circle is interrupted either message is confused or not understood then we film to understand why. Barriers in the health sector comes in either PHYSICAL is when a person can not access the cargon they want or need because of a physical problem like a walking difficulty or a wheelchair access * EMMOTIONALThe barriers in the care sector are emotions. If not have dealt with certain feelings before by the feeler. Emotions can piece of cake a big part in barriers. It is important that workers within the health and social care field do not let their consume emotions get the better of them.They must be professional and although friendships can be made it is important not too get attached to a service user or patient. In the health and social care c onniption many people may have problems and many things may be hard to deal with but workers must maintain professionals and not envision a lot of emotion, yes we can empathise but we should not annoy a service user feel worse or more than upset. * LANGUAGE If a patient calls at his Gp and he careen speak English and no one can understand what he/she is saying then it might lead to time waste in treating that patient in terms of diagnosing patient ailment which could be deadly in terms of wrong diagnoses or time osteal in getting an interpreter.

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