Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Analyzing Suzie Essay -- Health and Wellness

Aspirin binds to COX-2, a protein that makes prostaglandins, inhibiting it from its function. Prostaglandins are normally released by the damaged tissues at Daves sprained ankle site, stimulating nerve endings to produce the sensation of discommode (Martini, p. 46).Aspirin is in addition known as an anticoagulant because it inhibits the production of prostaglandins that also form platelets, used for melody clotting. This is why people who tend to cede heart attacks take aspirin, to reduce the chance of blood clots. (Hoffman, 2011)B. Fainting1. Why did Suzie buy the farm when she got up from the table? Explain the specific changes in her CVS that to caused her to faint. There are few drives that contributed to Suzies fainting spell. Skeletal muscle helps propel the blood in veins back to the heart. Suzie has low blood pressure primarily because she is starving herself. Without nutrients from the petty intestine, the body is forced to use to stored fats and proteins. The co ld environment in the kitchen decreased her blood pressure even more. As a homeostatic mechanism, blood vessels constrict to keep Suzie and the vital organs warm. The lack of atomic number 8 organism delivered to the brain caused Suzie to faint and lose consciousness temporarily (Martini, p. 722). Another reason Suzie fainted is because of her prolonged QT interval, detailing the ventricular depolarization/ repolarization time of her heart by the Purkinje fibers. Thirdly, Suzies development of anemia contributed to her fainting because there were probably was not sufficient healthy red blood cells to deliver oxygen to her brain.When Suzie collapsed, she laid in a horizontal position increasing deliverance of blood and oxygen to the brain. (Martini, p. 722)C. Ectopic Hear..., Lucas, MD, PhD. Aspirin 101 2011. http// treat/medication/aspirin3.htmLacroix, Pierre. An Overview of QT Interval Assessment in Safety Phar macology. Figure 10.7.1. underway Protocols in pharmacology. July, 2006Martini, Frederic C. Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology. 7th Ed. Pearson.National Heart Lung & line of business Institute. Explore Long QT Sydrome. September 2011. http//, Sarah D., MD. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Diagnosis of Eating Disorders in Primary Care. January 15, 2003. http//, Frank G., MD. The Alan E. Lindsay Center ECG Learning Center. The University of doh School of Medicine. 2006 http//

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