Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Importance of Educating Jail and Prison Inmates Essay -- importanc

Summary This authorship explores the benefits provided by trainingal programs in pokys and prisons. Included atomic number 18 the reasons inmates need education in order to sure-firely reenter society once they are released and use the knowledge and skills they have learned to obtain a job in order to support themselves and their families. Also examined in the paper are the financial benefits of incorporating educational programs instead of cutting them, as healthful as the effect these programs play on the recidivism rate. Lastly is a center on on understanding the importance of education and job training, even though the recipients are criminals. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A controversial issue in the criminal nicety field is whether or non educational programs should be offered to inmates in jail era they are incarcerated. While some might argue that taxpayers should not be forced to fund these types of pro grams, others agree that it is extremely beneficial to not only the inmates but also the taxpayers. Not only are the inmates the mountain in society who need education the most, but studies have shown a significant decrease in the recidivism rate of inmates who participated in educational programs while incarcerated. Jails and prisons should increase educational programs to inmates because inmates need education more than ever, it is more financially efficient to provide educational programs and it significantly reduces the recidivism rate. According to experts and inmates, education is a key to successful reentry into society that most inmates are lacking. Over the early(prenominal) twenty years, the need for education within jails and prisons has risen to an all-time high... ...grams-could-save-money Buss, E. G. (2010). Stepping stones to successful reentry. Corrections Today, 72(4), 6-10. Retrieved from http// n, J. H. (2010). The effect of prison education programs on recidivism. Journal of punitive Education, 61(4), 316-334. Retrieved from http//, D., & Altschuler, G. (2013, March 25). College behind bars How educating prisoners pays off. Forbes. Retrieved from http// Steurer, S. J., Linton, J., Nally, J., & Lockwood, S. (2010). The top-nine reasons to increase correctional education programs. Corrections Today, 72(4), 40-43. Retrieved from http//

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