Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Slavery - A Respectable Trade? :: Film Capitalism Britain Essays

Slavery. - A proper Trade?A Respectable Trade is quite an ironic title for such an enterprise as striverry. In the 1700s Britain, and France, traded cheap manufactured goods for slaves. 1788 was the beginning of the abolition movement, yet slave trade was still booming. Frances Scott, the protagonist of the movie, was thrust into the horrors of slavery when she decided to sweep up Josiah Cole. This marriage was an economic contract benefiting Josiah much more than Francis. Francis was a widow, she lived with her uncle, provided she didnt have many choices being a single charwoman of those times. She could have become a governess, but she wasnt too good at that as we see at the beginning of the movie when her disciple hits her and runs out. Having a husband gives her economic security, or so she thought because shed get an annual allowance. In turn, Josiah receives an educated woman, a woman of high status with connections with the elite, and a schoolteacher for his slaves. Ed ucated slaves in the house overhaul field are worth more than field slaves because they stomach let the cat out of the bag English, they are supposedly more civilized because they learn the bible and can speak English so it is easier to give them orders. Frances didnt really notice what she was getting into at all when she accepted Josiahs proposal. On her get married night Josiah went to a bar to get drunk and brag of his socially high wife. When he returned home he knelt down next to his fanny to pray, yet the only thing he prayed for were his two slave ships, the roseate and the Daisy. He prays to God to let his ships, packed with extremely abused, horrified, mentally tortured, disgrace mass, come back to him in one piece with all these people decent enough to sell. This perhaps illustrates that Josiah thinks that slavery is moral, he has no vacillation in destroying African peoples lives and selling them so he can buy a bigger house (and hideous sad dragon things). Wh en Frances goes back to Josiahs house, by the navy yard, its interchangeable she has entered an entirely different world. She sees that her new husband is severely financially low to her uncle. All of his income derives from his two ships going to Africa, capturing slaves and taking them to plantation owners in Jamaica in exchange for rum and sugar.

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