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Moral Dilemma of Atticus in To Kill A Mocking Bird Essay examples -- e

In Harper Lees novel To Kill A Mockingbird the protagonist piquet face offenses by others because of her fathers justice for argue an African American in court. Scout Finch lives with her brother Jem, and their father genus genus Atticus, in the sleepyheaded town of Maycomb during the Great Depression. As Atticus, the father of the protagonist faces the chaste dilemma in chapter 29-30 of the incident with Bob Ewell. Atticus moral dilemma pull up stakes reveal his character and his beliefs. Bob Ewell attempted to hurt Atticus children in set up to get revenge on Atticus for defend the African American who was accused of raping his daughter in court. Atticus has a hard time of choosing whether to tell the town that Bob Ewell died of an accident, or his parole or razzing Radley killed Bob Ewell. Atticus is a famous attorney in Maycomb and he believes in legal justice. Atticus learns what had really happened from Scout?s explanation of what she had seen, and heard when Bob Ewe ll attacked them while walking rearwards from the school play. He understood that Bob Radley killed Bob Ewell in order to save Jem?s life. Atticus does non want to send red cent to court for the fact that Boo saved his children?s life. When Scout and Jem got their BB guns they cherished to shoot the mockingbird, when Atticus said, Well, It?d be sort of like shootin? a mockingbird, wouldn?t it He explains that it is a sin to shoot mockingbirds because they do not harm us. Boo Radley is just like the mockingbird he stick around inside and does not harm others, instead he saves Atticus children. move Boo to court would be like shooting a mockingbird. That is a sad house? he always spoke nicely to me, no matter what folks said he did. Miss Maudie Said. When Jem and Scout dialog about the reasons Boo is... ...Scout, I couldn?t go to church and devotion God if I didn?t try to process that man. Atticus would help a man if it is the right thing to do, he does not hear what peopl e think of him, he will only be fazed if does not help, then he is going against his moral beliefs. Atticus shows his beliefs, truthfulness, and justice.Atticus moral dilemma of weather Bob Ewell died by accident, or Boo killed him in order to save Jem?s life, or Jem killed Bob in self defense has became the decision that he must face in order to tell the town what had happened. Atticus must go against his moral belief to save his children and Boo Radley. Atticus real character will be soon through his dilemma. He loves his son and he does not want Boo to go to court for saving his son. In the sleepy town of Maycomb Atticus has immense dilemma that will follow him for the rest of his life.

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