Thursday, February 7, 2019

Medias Effect On Voters :: essays research papers

In our lazy nation today, nigh of the American citizen cast their vote on what they see on the news show. It is unhurt to say that the media primarily control peoples opinion on political issues. unfortunately the worlds most developed nation dont have time to cargonfully displume their leaders in any level. While vast opportunity of seek is available to the American citizen to carefully pick their candidates, they choose to go along with the with what the media tells them to do. It is the media that controls the nation, it is the media that selects the agenda, and it will be the media that selects the president. Media also gives vast amount of information to backup us up to date with the ever-changing world. It is principal(prenominal) to watch the news, because news allows us to be up to date on current events. When it comes to retentivity up with news, I usually tune to several different sources such as PBS and first rudiment. I choose to watch PBS and ABC because thes e sources generally gives the cold facts first, then allows journalist to give their opinion on certain issues. This is helpful because when the viewer knows the facts, they can relate their opinions to the opinions of the journalist. There are times when the media gets carried away with information, they allow their opinion to drive the fact, instead of the facts effort the opinion. This example was experienced in the case between President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The journalists opinions, non facts drove the nations though about the issue. After President Clinton testified in confront of Mr. Starr we learned the cold facts. This is why I believe medias most important job is to inform the public.Medias job is to inform. Im not against medias quest to make profit, precisely Im against it when media, the informer, gives untrue stories to catch ratings. What is the point of having a teacher who is interested in making money and forgetting about the most important thing, which is to teach children? In a nation that is so dependent on the media, it must be their duty to inform. The president himself is dependent on the media to keep up with the changing world. There must be other ways to gain ratings, except misinforming the public is not one of the options. That is why if I were to run for a public office, my primary link to the electorate would be CNN.

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